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How to connect
Step 1.
  • Use our cutter to cut the tube to be inserted into the tube.
  • Make sure to use a clean tube without any foreign material or cracks.
Step 2.
  • When inserting the tube, remove any obstructions before fully inserting the tube. Make sure the tube is fully inserted.
  • Inserting the tube into the fitting only takes moderate force. The tube or fitting should not be scratched or damaged in the process, as this is the main cause for water leaks later on.
Step 3.
  • To make sure that the fitting is properly connected to the tube, gently pull it once. After pulling, insert a spanner under the collet and push the tube into the fitting once more for a complete insertion.
Step 4.
  • When no play is required for the fitting and tube, use our company's locking clip (LC) to eliminate any play of the fitting.
Step 5.
  • Make sure to completely eliminate pressure before disassembling the fitting.
  • When disassembling the tube, push the clip in the direction of the main assembly and then pull the tube out for easy disassembling.
  • Fittings and tubes can be reused.
Collets Design
  • The unique oval-shaped collets is easier to grip, facilitating connecting and disconnecting.
  • The rounded stainless teeth minimize scratches on the tube, allowing more frequent re-use.

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