How to connect

  • Use our cutter to cut the tube to be inserted into the tube.
  • Make sure to use a clean tube without any foreign material or cracks.
  • When inserting the tube, remove any obstructions
  • before fully inserting the tube. Make sure the tube is fully inserted.
  • To make sure that the fitting is properly connected to the tube, gently pull it once. After pulling, insert a spanner under the collet and push the tube into the fitting once more for a complete insertion
  • When no play is required for the fitting and tube, use our company’s locking clip (LC) to eliminate any play of the fitting.
  • Make sure to completely eliminate pressure before disassembling the fitting.
  • When disassembling the tube, push the clip in the direction of the main assembly and then pull the tube out for easy disassembling.

Collets Design

  • The unique oval-shaped collets is easier to grip, facilitating connecting and disconnecting.
  • The rounded stainless teeth minimize scratches on the tube, allowing more frequent re-use.