Oetiker 167 series Stepless O-clamps

Oetiker is the undisputed world leader in clamping solutions. Liquid Connections is proud to partner with Oetiker in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. We carry the full range of 167 series clamps from 6mm through to 25mm but we have access to the entire Oetiker range. Oetiker has a clamp to suit every imaginable application so please contact us today to discuss this outstanding range of clamping solutions.
The 167 series clamps are made from 304 grade stainless steel and perfect for high pressure systems, food and beverage connections, drive shafts, airbags systems, cooling and heating water circuits, steering systems, oil pipes, exhaust systems, home appliances, computer water cooling, fuel systems and medical applications.

For more information on Oetiker, Please visit Oetiker web site.